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 Duckling Room Birth – First Steps
Are you feeling a little nervy about leaving your “little one” for the first time? Do not fret, we have over 13 years of tissues and hugs which we can share with you at KingsWood.

We invite you to stay and play settling sessions with your little one. You can chat freely with all of the wonderful staff who will be caring for not only your baby, but you as a family. 

Be reassured that your child is being cared for in the manner that you wish. It is very common and natural for parents/carers to feel anxious at the beginning. Give us a call throughout the day  01425 656451, and keep in touch with our closed facebook group, where with your permission we pop photos online. 

Go to work, pop to the gym or attend appointments knowing that your baby is enjoying every minute with their new found friends. 

At the end of a fun session you will take home with you your babies learning journal. In your babies learning journal we have captured your child’s day and recorded it for you with photo's and text. To see photographs of your child’s day you naturally smile and feel reassured they are cared for and nurtured in a loving environment in which they are thriving.

The learning journals are a lovely keepsake, and hold photographs and written memories including mile stones reached of your babies early years.
Parents/carers are encouraged to add in their own photographs from home and add little notes of their babies development. In a few years you will look back at the photographs and read the wonderful tales and the development miles that are recorded in your babies learning journal with a smile and fondness!

Sleep times will be different for every child and we follow home routines where possible. We have a spacious sleep room at KingsWood where children can rest peacefully with sleep checks done routinely.  We have moses baskets for our tiny ones. Each child has a clean cot sheet, and it will only be used by your child. All baby linen is washed daily. You may wish to bring in a home comforter for your little one, such as a teddy bear, dummy or blanket. You may even provide pyjamas for  sleep time for that cosy, homely feeling. Powder milk is provided from home, where as cows milks is provided by nursery. 

Your child is  invited to eat our healthy, nutritious meals if they are at that stage in development. All our foods are included in the set price.  


Nappy changes will be as frequent as required. Please supply nappies and wipes in your child’s bag every session.


 Due to being a small nursery with a maximum of 6 babies in our Ducklings room, we strongly recommend you reserve a cosy spot for your little one today. Babies who have not yet been born have their little place at KingsWood waiting for them.

Give us a call and come for a little meet and greet as we wander around indoors and out 01425 656451.