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Kingfisher Room 2 years 3 months – 3 Years 3 Months
Your child has oodles of space to express their freedom, indulging in a vast range of learning situations and experiences whilst having fun indoors and out. 

Now your child is beginning to show independence and in order to promote this the room has been designed to enable them to explore, experiment and discover, indoors and out.  Your child may display many schematic behaviours at this age, such as connecting and transporting which the environment has been designed to enrich these patterns of learning.


Your child will make friends and socialise at KingsWood, building their first friendship groups. Strong bonds and friendships begin to form, and many go on to last way past their years at KingsWood. 

Your little one may still get tired because they are so busy. Sometimes story time is so cosy in the tepee or on cushions, that they just cannot resist a snooze. There is  a quiet sleep room where your child can sleep after lunch if you would like them to. Quiet time takes place between 12.15pm-1.30pm at KingsWood.

If your child sleeps, you may wish to provide a home comforter from home for them to snuggle down with whilst they rest. 

If you are potty training please do not worry about accidents at nursery, these are not a problem, we have plenty of spare clothes!

We will work with you to carry out the statutory 2 year progress check when your child is aprox 2 years and 3 months.   This is a standard set by Ofsted and presents you with a short written summary of your child’s development in the prime areas (communication and language, personal, social and emotional, plus physical development) This will be shared with your health visitor when you visit them. 

Is your child eligible for 2 year funding? 

If so call us quick as spaces are limited and we would hate for you to miss out. Follow the below link to see if your family are eligible: