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 Robins Room 15 months – 2 Years 3 Months
Your child has now found their feet and is exploring every area in reach! Rest assured the Robins planning has been designed and equipped with this in mind.


Your child can explore all that KingsWood has on offer and more. Your child can freely access the outdoor environment by crawling or stepping out into the fresh air in rain or shine. Fear not we have waterproof clothing for the days spent splashing in puddles and catching rain drops in our buckets.


At KingsWood we encourage lots of creative play so make plenty of room on the walls at home for your child’s artwork and creations. Little hands make wonderful creations that last a lifetime.

Your handmade clay cookies will hang from your Christmas tree year after year, and the stick man that you think is "just a stick" will take pride and joy looking out of your kitchen window! 

The wool that your little one brought home after visiting the lambs, and the big A3 piece of paper with stars and circles glued on like a modern piece of art will be the talk of the home when family members drop by.  


Your child will be ssssooooooo busy they may still require a sleep. We will follow your home routines where ever possible. Quiet time at KingsWood is between 12:15pm – 1:30pm, where some children can be found having a snooze in our cosy sleep room. 

 Your child will experience the wonders of our Nature Nurture sessions outdoors. Words can not describe just how much your child gains from this experience. It will melt your heart to see them happily entertained with finding worms and mixing up mud pies. The Forest School field is also a fond spot for our robins children, with lots of space for those little legs to explore. 

Take a look at our nature nurture section on this website for more information, 

Nappy changes will be as frequent as required. Nappies and wipes are supplied from home and can either be stored at KingsWood or popped in your child's bag each session. Please do not worry about potty training we will assist you with this and have plenty of spare clothes and cleaning products for little accidents.

Parent comment;
“We love that KingsWood has such an amazing outdoor area and that our son is able to play and explore outside"


Ofsted Outstanding feedback;

"Effective relationships between parents, carers and staff create a caring learning environment in which children thrive."