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KINGSWOOD Day Nursery - Alderholt

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Woodpecker Room 3 Years 3 Months – 5 Years

Your child is now buzzing with energy as they prepare to take their first steps into mainstream education.

 The fun never stops with free flow indoor/outdoor learning on offer and forest school sessions being available weekly, allowing the development of your child’s independence, and skills to continue growing. Your child and their friends contribute to the running of the nursery by helping to lay the tables for lunch, or watering the plants.

You will find your child participating in many early years foundation stage activities on offer, such as floating and sinking activities in the water tray or making a dream catcher in the sunshine during a forest school session.  Your child will have the opportunity to access adult led experiences with a planned learning intention each session,  as well as participating in leading their own learning.

Your child will be accessing our letters and sounds programme, setting them up with the right foundations for writing and reading as and when they are ready. 

The friendship groups for your child are now blossoming as they help each other into the hammocks, swinging each other on the rope swings and pushing wheel barrows side by side. There is no nursery fee you would not pay to hear your child's laughter as you watch them play with their friends with no cares in the world. Childhood experiences such as the ones they have at KingsWood are priceless. 


When the time comes for your child to venture to school, we will work in partnership with your family and the school to prepare them for the transition. 

We want to ensure that your child feels confident when flying the KingsWood nest. There’s usually a few tears had by us all as the children wave goodbye and fly the nest at our stay and play party. Lots, and lots of children return for our forest school club in the school holidays. 


The term after your child's 3rd birthday you will be entitled to 15 hours Early Years Entitlement Funding. This is a whooping saving of £2,280 per year in childcare costs at KingsWood. 

Your family may even be entitled to 30 hours Early Years Entitlement Funding, the term after your child's third birthday.  This would result in a whooping saving of £4,560 per year in childcare costs at KingsWood!

Chat to us for further information and to receive your funding pack.  01425 656451


Parent comment; “The open access indoor and outdoor provision is invaluable. The staff have great knowledge and the environment clearly indicates that they know how to support and extend children’s learning in a fun and exciting way.”


Ofsted feedback from our latest Outstanding report; "The staff provide a particularly rich environment for the children to enjoy. The highly dedicated staff team plan and set up each learning environment indoors and out. Exceptionally secure attachments between children and their key person support children to feel secure and confident as they learn."